Two Fun New Video Game Franchises Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

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In these days of social media and constant game-playing, it’s hard to escape the popularity of video games. It’s almost impossible to turn on a television or computer without seeing at least one game being played – sometimes by hundreds of people at once! There are countless types of games from card games to board games to arcade games. The question is, what are the best games of the future?

To figure out what will be the best video games of the future, you need to look beyond the surface at how people are playing today. The business industry looks at sales and digital sales to determine what games folks are purchasing. While certain long-standing family classics may still be popular, more recent, non-traditional titles are also dominating the market, which may be concerning to some parents. “Phone Spy” is one example of an interesting new title that pops up on several lists. The game involves using a mobile phone spy cam to spy on a child’s phone calls.

In terms of non-traditional video games, the first quarter of the year was very promising for Microsoft. The Xbox One is selling like crazy, and Microsoft has released two big new games: Kinect Sports and Halo: Master Chief Anniversary. While the Xbox One may not have the ability to run certain older games, it will support the newer ones that will be coming out in the next few years. If the company can get it right with these two, they’re well on their way to becoming the biggest game company in the future.

Beyond gaming, another area that is experiencing huge growth is the realm of mobile apps and mobile devices. Smart phones and tablet computers have changed the way we play games. The problem for the studios is that as a new device is introduced, older games must be modified or removed from the lineup. Studios are working to make adaptations for all the major new devices, but that could take quite some time. As of now, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the only platform that has the power to truly effect change with the gaming industry.

With the launch of the new PlayStation 4, Sony Interactive Entertainment and the lead developer, SIE, have opened the door for games on mobile devices. Battle royal is the first game that will be released for this new line. It is being developed by the famous Austin O’Loughlin, who also worked on the multi-platform hit PlayStation Move. No specifics have been released regarding a release date or platforms, but we’ll continue to keep our ears open. Sony’s other new game, Killzone, will be arriving at some point. This is another competitive game that can come to PlayStation Portable devices.

It’s not just Nintendo that’s jumping into the game development pool. Big Fish, publishers of the Zynga and Plants vs. Zombies games, have plans in place for at least two new video games each year. If you count the number of exclusives already out there for the Nintendo Wii, you’ll find that a lot of companies are trying to position themselves better to take advantage of that ever-growing console market. In fact, as of right now, Nintendo’s video games are holding their own against the very best. So, it stands to reason that the future of gaming may well involve a greater variety of platforms.

For now, we’ve got some details on two games that will be debuting in the next couple of years. First off, we have Battle royal, which is expected to be available on both the PSP and the Nintendo DS. In it, players take on the role of the leader of an army, and you’ll have to attack your way through hundreds of levels filled with enemies. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, we also have another two brand new games that are in development right now, and they’re namely Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Zero Escape. We’ll get more specifics from Nintendo as the games get closer but suffice to say that both games look interesting. The Animal Crossing franchise has always offered the fun that many people want in a video game, and the latest version offers more elements than ever before. For example, the newest version features new amino compatibility, so you can have your favorite animals from the TV show to come to your town. If you’ve been looking for a great game to play on the Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing: New Leaf may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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