Top Five Free Android Games for Smartphone Users

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With so many wonderful games for Android phones from the Google Play Store, it may prove very difficult to select the best games to download from the huge selection available. Don t fret though; with a handpicked selection of the top Android games available, all your downloads are guaranteed to be safe and legal. Just make sure you follow a few simple rules before downloading any app. Who knows, you may just stumble upon the next big thing in entertainment. So, what are the most popular Android games you can download?

Tower Defense – You may have to wait until an update for the latest version of this game comes out, but it’s worth the try. As one of the most enjoyable and addictive games, you’ll never tire of it and will find yourself hooked on Tower Defense. You must protect your home from the evil marauding robots by creating an impenetrable defense. You do this by building towers and defending them from attacks by using a variety of tools available to you as you advance to higher levels. The more you use these tools, the more points you get and the more powerful your fortress becomes.

Angry Birds – Who would have thought that a game about angry birds could be an entertaining and addictive one? It takes a bit of practice to control these flying creatures, but once you have mastered it, you’ll be hooked on the game’s fast pace and addictive gameplay. In addition, you’ll love the high-quality graphics and the exceptional sound effects. This is another highly recommended title for your android smartphone.

Monument Valley – This is the type of game you will either love or hate. Good thing there are different options in this game because the core gameplay is all about making your own maze and overcoming various obstacles that appear in the process. You have the option to choose between several levels with different challenges. There are also numerous levels that require you to build a tower and shoot at enemies that are coming your way. The best thing about this one is the unique storyline and the excellent 3D graphics.

Draw Away – As what have been mentioned earlier, this game is about adventure and skill. In the game, you must put up with the challenges presented to you and solve puzzles. There are a lot of levels where you’ll have to find the solution for puzzles and other challenges. If you are fond of artwork, this is definitely a good choice for you to play. The attractive graphics and the superb 3D graphics will keep you entertained with this one.

Monument Valley: Heroes of the World – In this version, players must make use of their skills and their strategy to beat the enemy. You must find the secret passages and destroy the enemy soldiers as they are coming close to your location. If you are fond of playing captivating missions and adventurous activities, then this game is the right one for you. With its attractive storyline, challenging missions and colorful graphics, Monument Valley: Heroes of the World is surely a great choice to play on mobile devices.

Machine Guns – The player must protect his mother’s cabin from an impending attack by the zombies. This is one of those games that contain an element of adventure, action, and shooting. The story behind the game revolves around a boy who survived the attack of Zombies. You must help him by providing the necessary help by providing machine guns and ammunition to fight against the zombies. This is one of the best shooting games on Google Play that contains single-player campaign. This version has stunning artwork and superb audio effects.

Defense Matrix: Mobile Assault – This is a single player mobile action game on Google Play that uses a blend of old school arcade gameplay and cutting-edge technology to give you a highly addictive gameplay experience. As the hero of the game, you must shoot down the incoming missiles and bullets as they enter your view. The storyline revolves around a group of defense force personnel who has been sent by their government to protect Earth from an impending invasion of robots. You must select your own weapon to execute different techniques during each level of gameplay. The action and shooting parts of the gameplay are complemented by highly interactive and realistic sound effects.

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