The Top Games of 2021

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What game is Trending Right Now? You can say that a lot of different things when you ask what the most popular games of 2021 have been. You may get different answers depending on who you ask. For example, you may get an answer from a gaming expert who thinks that the hottest game for this year is… well, let’s just say they think it is a popular game because a lot of people are talking about it and they are buying the game. The expert is not necessarily right, or at least doesn’t think there is a good game worth buying or playing that is on the charts right now.

Let’s go over some of the contenders for what is considered the next “best” game on the charts. First up is an online strategy game from publishers Electronic Arts called “overwatch”. It has been out for a while now and sales are through the roof. Many people who buy this game don’t even remember they played a decade ago. I guess that makes it feels like it’s timeless.

Second on the list is open-world action-adventure “red dead” from Media Molecule. It is a prequel to the popular “undead slayers” series. People are raving about how much they loved this game. It has a lot of promise as a game that anyone can play right now.

Another upcoming game that is getting a lot of attention is “Hollow Knight: The Guns often”. It is being published by the legendary gaming company Rockstar Games and the game is in Early Access right now. If you like “overwatch”, this one looks interesting. It will be interesting to see if it lives up to expectations.

Finally, there is the popular MMORPG game of “World of Warcraft”. This one is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It is anticipated to have huge financial success this year as it did last year with “WOW” becoming the most lucrative PC game ever. There are still millions of people playing this game and it continues to be one of the best MMORPGs out there. It’s only a matter of time until it breaks all records.

Top games in 2021 include” overwatch”, “Doom”, and “Hollow Knight”. The first three were number one on our list. They offer a different type of gaming experience than the others, which is probably why they are at the top. I’m expecting a new “Doom” from Blizzard soon.

I think if anyone had asked me which was the most exciting game of the year, it would be “Doom”. This game is so unique and different from any other game. I feel it would be an overwhelming challenge to try to narrow it down to just one game. From the trailers, to the concept art, to all the unique items and weapons, it seems that this game may be the answer to the question “What game is worth watching”? I’m looking forward to seeing what the designers are capable of in the next ten years.

This is just a quick list of the Top Games of the Year. I would encourage you to peek at the Top 10 lists for each platform and maybe even go ahead and make your own personal Top Games of 2021. What games will you be most excited to play this year? I know I’ll be interested in seeing “Doom Eternal doom” and “Red Dead” at the top of the lists.

If video games were measured by how much fun they are to play, then there would be only one game on the Top list. That game would be “FTL: Faster Than Light” from Electronic Arts. Since its release in 2021, many video gamers and console players have been waiting anxiously for updates. And they couldn’t be more right, as the game is one of the most polished, technologically advanced, and well thought out titles on the market today.

Another game worthy of inclusion on this list is “Titanfall”, which really took the gaming world by storm. If you love to play first person shooters, then “Titanfall” is for you. Not only does it offer a first-person perspective with multiplayer combat, it is one of the most interesting and engrossing online experiences you can have. The environments are incredibly detailed, the animation is riveting, and the overall experience is one of a kind.

It appears new games are being announced every week. And each new game promises to be the next big thing. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below and you might just see a new game that you’ll be talking about all the time.

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