The Longest Games on Earth

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Games today are much more complex than they were when we first started playing games. Today, we have hundreds of games to choose from! This has resulted in a lot of different types of games, many of which never really received the attention they deserved, even though they had massive fan bases. However, a few games have become household names because of their incredible quality, and we will discuss the games that we feel deserve the recognition. Let’s start with one of my personal favorites.

Dragon Age: Inquisitor according to some folks, is the longest game on the market today. Like any of the previous Bio ware games, the story is really just about as long as it is long in real life, but players are certainly playing a lot of extra side content, which pushes DA: I into the top slot. The game is fully complete, including all the endings there are, and players can go through the entire game without missing any cut scenes or anything. In fact, if you didn’t get to enjoy the game, you’ll be missing out on an incredible plot line! I personally feel that this takes players full advantage of what video games can offer, as you get a chance to enjoy the entire game instead of feeling like you’re only involved in a fraction of it.

Gears of War: A video game with an average length of about forty-five minutes, Gears of War is another example of a game that really takes players through everything the game has to offer. One thing that separates Gears from many other video games is the character development. Not only does the character development feel good and realistic, but players are given the tools necessary for each character to succeed. Each character in the game has special skills and perks that make them even more unique and effective than the next character, ensuring that every player finds a unique experience while playing.

Lord of the Rings Online: While most quests in LOTRO take place on foot, players will also find a fair amount of quest content online. Players who love to explore will certainly appreciate the variety of quests spread throughout Middle Earth, which ranges anywhere from quests related to the strengths of individual characters to massive multiplayer quests against huge, fearsome creatures. Of course, some of these quests are story-related, while others are just about solving puzzles. Either way, Lord of the Rings Online has enough content in it to keep any player busy for hours.

Elder scrolls v: A recent release, Elder scrolls it is another fun game where players explore strange, fascinating environments filled with creatures, magic, and more. It takes about two to three days to complete each chapter, depending on how much time players want to spend exploring the game’s many locations. The main storyline surrounds a massive evil creature known as the Hagag, and players will have to explore the wilderness to collect powerful artifacts that can help them defeat the creature and return to the capital city of Goran.

Minecraft: This one is not a mainstream game, but it does have its fan base. Minecraft involves creating something with cardboard and metal by applying recipes to create machines that can harvest items, cook them up, and build structures. After you’ve created the machines, players can take them into the virtual world to claim mining spots and build villages. As the game progresses, your mining and cooking skills will advance, so you’ll be able to turn your little wooden boats into huge, water-breathing ships.

Portal: This game got its name from the fact that players need to travel through an enormous virtual world to finish each level. Think of it as a cross between Mario Kart and Solitaire, but with a lot more tile puzzles. You will run into a never-ending array of obstacles as you try to get to the end of each level. The completionism itch is certainly triggered when you see that shiny new finish line. This game also has one of the longest games of any type, with about 120 hours of play.

All these games have one thing in common, though. They require players to put in a lot of thought and play time before they can fully complete all their challenges. These highly addicting and time-consuming games are what we consider to be the longest games on Earth. With such a large amount of thought put into the game, you’ll find yourself playing these games for many months to complete all their challenges. And as you progress through the levels, they will become more difficult and take a long time to complete.

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