Best 5phalt Games for Your Mobile Phone

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Are you looking for the best games on mobiles? You can’t just reach into a store and buy one, right? No, that’s not possible because you need to check which are the best games in India before you buy a handset. Did you know that you can get a free MMS along with your mobile phone? Read on to discover what’s the best game on mobiles.

King of the Hill: Most people love to play this game on their smartphones. This is a simple but addictive game where the player must survive in a small town. Players must use the various options available like the food shop, the pharmacy, the ATM machine, the ATV etc. and avoid being shot by the police or FBI agents. When a player is being shot at, they must run to the restroom and hide before they return to their car to continue the game.

Draw Something: There are several Android games that allow the players to draw different things using the camera. A new feature introduced in Android OS 4.4 is the Draw something app. Some of the apps in this category include, Sketchbook Artist, Fast Sketch, Paint Shop Pro and Paint Shop. The players need to purchase the Draw something app to unlock the fun of drawing their favorite things using the camera.

Angry Birds: Almost all the high-end smartphones have this version as the default ringtone, so that they don’t have to bother about looking for the tones of the other ringtones available in the market. This most-played mobile games has a huge player count, which supports a large population. The video games that have the highest player count are the best ones in the industry.

Game of War: No gaming system is known to have a good user-rating than the Game of War series. It has been created by SVP Games in India and has had a very successful run till date. The game has several versions including, Express, Invasion, City Attack and Colony. It has also been made available in several languages including, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Kannada. The success of the Game of War series has made it popular with several gamers all around the world who cannot resist playing its addictive game play.

Pokémon Black and White: This is another most-played mobile game which was the first release of a new Pokémon game series. This series of games allows the players to use a Poked to keep track of the virtual Pokémon. This is one of the few mobile game releases that has seen a lot of innovation from its makers. The game play is very exciting and offers a high-quality game play.

Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: These are quite popular among us. MMORPGs or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are online games wherein players take on the role of different characters. In other words, it is a way of allowing players to pretend to be a member of a multiplayer online community where they can engage in various activities and battles with other players.

Car Rallying: Another highly rated game amongst us is the car rally. It is a very realistic online multiplayer game where players get to participate in driving competitions all over the globe. There is even a version of the TV show “The Grand Prix” which uses this online multiplayer format. This means that you can take part in a real car race right from your home by downloading asphalt games to your mobile phone now!

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